Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike fishing in Hayward Wisconsin is one of the state’s most renowned outdoor experiences. The Sawyer County Pike Lakes of  Teal, Eau Claire, Chippewa Flowage, and Moose have become well known for the large pike they contain. Bait for  northerns’ includes live minnows, artificial baits and spinners, spoons and cranks. Ice fishing for northerns’ around Hayward Wisconsin is a beloved winter activity.

Tip-ups are a popular choice to use when catching Northerns’ thru the ice.   Fishing poles which are medium to heavy weight and 13 to 14 feet in length are usually favored by anglers who are targeting northern in Hayward WI Lakes.

Teal Lake has been touted as the best lake for catching sizable pike in Sawyer County WI. With perseverance and skill, the avid fisherman has the chance to land that grand prize.

You might consider hiring a guide on your first fishing trip to Hayward Wisconsin.

Pike Fishing Hayward WI

Northern Pike are aggressive, predatory fish that can be found in a variety of freshwater habitats. They are often sought after by anglers due to their size and strength.

When fishing for Northern Pike, it is important to understand the different techniques and strategies that can be used to effectively target this species. One of the most popular methods of catching Northern Pike is trolling, which involves dragging a lure behind a motorboat. When trolling, it is important to use the right type of lure and vary the speed and depth of the boat to trigger a strike. Casting is another popular technique used to catch Northern Pike. Using the right type of lure and presenting it in the correct manner can be the key to success when casting.

Jigging is also an effective technique for catching Northern Pike. This method involves dropping a jigging spoon, with a live bait, into the water and jigging it up and down to attract the fish. Finally, still fishing is a great way to target Northern Pike. Using a bobber and live bait, anglers can cast their line out and wait for a strike. No matter what technique you choose, make sure that you are prepared and have the right tackle and bait to ensure success.